blanshan jansen
1647 - _______
Headstone of Louis and Catherine Blanshan DuBois in the Huguenot or Walloon Cemetery in New Paltz.
They are buried in the Kingston churchyard, not here. The dates do not correspond with historical records.
Magdalena Blanshan was born to Mathieu Blanshan and Magdaleine Joire Blanshan probably in England.
She was baptized in the Strangers Chapel of the Canterbury Cathedral on May 16, 1647. She married Jan
Mattys Jansen of Fort Orange, son of Mattys Janse Van Keuren. Their banns were read on September 28,
1667 by a justice of the peace in Kingston.

Magdalena and Jan had the following children:

Marregrita Jansen - baptized in Kingston on October 15, 1668. Her sponsors were Thomas Chambers and
Madelena Blanshan. She married Richard Brodhead and they lived in Kingston. "Captain Richard
Brodhead, son of Captain Daniel and Ann Brodhead, was born at Marbletown, New York, in the year 1666,
died in 1758. Little is satisfactorily known of this Richard. It is known, however, that he held a captain's
commission in the Ulster county militia, in 1728, and it is likely that he was engaged in the Indian wars of
that period. His wife was Magdalen Jansen, whom he married, April 19, 1692, by whom he had a son
Daniel. Magdalena Jansen Brodhead died in 1701.  "Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania,
Volumes I-III, Robert Packer Brodhead"

Mattys Jansen - baptized June 8, 1671, sponsored by Mattys Mattys Jr. and Margriet Hendrickson. He
married Anna Elmendorf, born around 1675, the daughter of Jacobus Elmendorph and Grietje Aertsen Van
Wagenen. When Anna died he married Rachel Popinga on June 12, 1703. When Rachel died he married
Annatje Masten.

Jan Jansen - born about 1673. He traveled to England and died there.

Thomas Jansen - born around 1675. He married Mayke Bogard of Marbletown on November 22, 1702.
Mayke was the daughter of Henric Bogard and Jannetje Martens, baptized in Kingston June 6, 1684.

Hendrick Jansen - baptized April 6, 1679 with sponsors Wessel TenBroeck and Annetie Matyssse. He
married Anneken Schoonmaker on November 28, 1724. She was the daughter of Egbert Hendricksz
Schoonmaker and Anneke Berry, baptized June 3, 1694. Hendrick died in 1749, and Anneken died on
August 9, 1780.

David Jansen - baptized on April 24, 1681 with sponsors Matthys Sleght and Laurency Chambers.

Margriet Jansen - baptized January 14, 1684, with sponsors Benjamin Provoost and Margriet Clausz. She
married Barant Barans or Burhans on March 17, 1704.

Sara Jansen - baptized October 8, 1686 with sponsors Henricus Beekman and Sara Kellnaar. She married
Elias Van Bunschoten.

Catheryn Jansen - baptized September 30, 1688 with sponsors Jacob Du Bois and Catherine Blanshan.
She married John Crook Jr.

Maria Jansen - baptized April 20, 1692. She married Thomas Beatty, son of John Beatty and Susanna
Ashfordby Beatty.