James Swartout Blanshan was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on April 30, 1859 to parents
Matthew and Sarah Decker Blanshan. He married Mary Martha Zellhoefer on June 4, 1884 in
Greene County, Iowa. Mary was the daughter of George Leonhart Zellhoefer and Johanna
Christiana Fredericks Tartsch, born April 22, 1862 in Sullivan County, Wisconsin. James and
Mary farmed in Grand Junction, Iowa. James died September 26, 1943 and Mary died January
8, 1948. Both are buried in the Grand Junction Cemetery.

James and Martha had the following children:

Calystia Jemima - born March 13, 1885, died July 23, 1903 at age 18

Victor Leonard - born May 4, 1886 in Boone, Iowa. Victor was farming in Lakeside Township
of Cottonwood County, MN in the 1920 and federal censuses. He registered for the WWI draft
in Cottonwood County. He and his wife Estella (Stella) Mable Pflughaupt (May 31, 1892),
married in 1911 in Grand Junction,  had children Roy V. (1911), Howard S. (1913), Bonnie E.
(1915), Beulah (1916) Raymond P. (1918), Mary E. (1919), Lester J. (1921), Mollie L. (1923),
Leonard E. (1925), James A. (1929), Jeane A. (1929), Cleo M. (1930) and Robert C. (1934).
Victor died March 19, 1952 in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon of cardiac decompensation,
cerebrovascular accidents and arteriosclerosis. He is buried in Lakeview Cemetery,  
Windom, Minnesota.

Effie Sara - born January 27, 1888, died February 25, 1975. She was a schoolteacher before
marrying. She married Fred Brockman on February 28, 1914 and they had three daughters:
Pauline (1919) and Lucille (1923) and Irene (1927). In 1920, Fred and Effie were farming near
Amboy, Minnesota in Cottonwood County.  In April of 1930 Effie and Fred were living in St.
Paul, Minnesota and Fred was employed as a mechanic in a coke plant. Effie was a calendar
lady. When Fred died, Effie married her sister Elizabeth's widower, Orville William Perkins on
November 11, 1967. Effie and Fred are buried in Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in

Elizabeth May - born October 22, 1890, died October 30, 1966. She was a schoolteacher
before marrying. She married Orville William Perkins on March 22, 1911. He was the son of
John Wesley Perkins and Margaret Isabelle Curtis, born July 15, 1884 in Thornton, Indiana.
They had three children:  George O. (1912), Robert E. (1914) and Geraldine H. (1916). Orville
and Elizabeth farmed in Junction Township.

Benjamin Artemus - born in 1891, died in infancy in 1892.

Harry Frank  - born April 30, 1896, died April 7, 1977.  Harry enlisted in the Armey on April 11,
1917 and was discharged August 31, 1919. He married Elsie Floy Harten and they had two
sons, James C. (1923) and John H.  Harry farmed in Des Moines Township in Boone County,
Iowa. Harry and Elsie are buried in the Linwood Park Cemetery in Boone, Iowa.

Artemus (Artie) Mark -  born in July 21, 1898 in Grand Junction. Artie was of medium height,
brown eyes and dark hair, according to his WWI draft registration in 1918. He married Alda
Blanche Schilling on March 24, 1920 and they had three children:  Grace A. (1921), Edward
M.(1929), and Marilyn (1933).  Artie and Alda farmed in Jackson and Amaqua Townships of
Boone County, Iowa. He died January 27, 1991 in Yakima, Washington at age 92. He, Alda and
son Edward Mark are buried in the Zillah City Cemetery in Yakima County.

Aurelia Gladys - born September 5, 1900, died September 19, 1939. She married Albert J.
Roberts on October 8, 1928 when he was 41 and she was 28. Albert was born in Montezuma,
Iowa on May 9, 1887.  Albert started out as a bank cashier at the Albia State Bank in 1917 and
by 1930 he was a banker in Troy, Iowa. He listed his occupation as president of the bank in
Albia, Iowa in 1940. The couple didn't have any children. According to Albert's WWI draft
registration in 1917 he was tall with gray eyes and brown hair.

Alice Bernice - born April 19, 1903.  She married Lawrence J. Swartz, born September 30,
1899 to Samuel and Bertha Swartz in Liberty, Jefferson County, Iowa on July 24, 1939.
Lawrence had lost his first wife Margaret and infant daughter Patricia in 1935.  Lawrence
was an industrial arts teacher in Marshalltown, Iowa. The couple had no children. Lawrence
died October 20, 1994 and Alice died on August 16, 1998.

Otis Earl - born January 1, 1905. Otis was a farm Service auditor in Minneapolis in 1940, after
which he moved to Fitchburg, Massachusetts to  be employed as an accountant. He moved
back to Marshalltown, Iowa in the 1950s to be a bookkeeper. He never married. Otis died
February 1, 1970 in Marshalltown, Iowa.
MATTHEW BLANSHAN (1825), father of

Two maps showing Blanshan land holdings in Junction Township, Greene County,
Iowa. The map on the left is 1896 and the map on the right is 1909.  Click to enlarge.
Pages from Otis and Alice Blanshan's yearbooks
"The Whiz Bang"
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