Jacob Blanshan was baptised January 11, 1747 at Kingston, New York, the fourth child of Matheus and Annatjen Freer
Blanshan.  He married Jacomyntie Smedes, baptized July 28, 1747, on June 17, 1768. They had six children. Jacob was a
weaver. He and Jacomyntie lived in Hurley, Ulster County, New York in 1775.  In the 1810 census Jacob was still living in Hurley
with 2 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 1 female age 10-15, 2 females 16-25 and one female age 26 - 44 for a total of 10
household members. In the 1820 census Jacob had 1 male and 1 female ages 10 - 15, 1 male and 1 female ages 16 - 25, and
2 persons age 45 and over, counting himself and Jacomyntie. By 1830 Jacob and Jacomyntie had moved to Kingston, N. Y.
Jacob was an enlisted man who served with the First Regiment of the Ulster County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) during the
Revolutionary War.

The children of Jacob and Jacomyntie Smedes Blanshan were:

Petrus (Peter) Blanshan - born on February 17, 1769. He was baptized in Kingston on March 19, 1769. He died November 30,
1845 and is buried in the Hardenburgh burying ground in Bloomington, New York.

Jacomyntje Blanshan - baptized July 14, 1771. She married Wilhelm F. Freer, son of Jan Freer and Lydia Van Vliet Freer, who
was baptized October 30, 1770. They had the following children:  Jan (1792-1839), Jacob (1797), Petrus Smedes (1798), Lydia
(1800), Garret (1802), William Matthew (1805-1870), Hiram (1806), George Washington (1809-1874) and Gitta (Gitty) Ann
(1812-1886). Jacomyntje died on November 1, 1838. (See
Jacomyntje Blanshan Freer page)

Mattheus Jacob Blanshan (also referred to as Mathew I. Blanshan in some genealogical records) - baptized April 3, 1774 in
Marbletown, Ulster County, New York under sponsors Matheus Blanshan and Catherine Blanshan.  He married Maria Du Bois,
daughter of Daniel Du Bois and Catharine LeFevre, born August 22, 1778, in Marbletown on October 10, 1798. They had three
children:  Daniel (1799), Peter (1803) and Jemima (1805). When Maria died, Mattheus married Annatje Turk or Turck, birth date
unknown, in Kingston, New York on November 11, 1808. Their children were Jane A (1812), Jacob S. (1814), Harriet (1818) and
Henry (1822). (See
Mattheus Jacob Blanshan page)

John Blanshan - born August 17, 1779, baptized in Kingston on September 17, 1779. On February 17, 1803 John married Maria
(Mary) Van Wagenen, born in Kingston on November 16, 1779 to Benjamin Van Wagenen and Jacomyntje Heermans Van
Wagenen. He was a Deacon of Bloomington. John and Maria had children Benjamin (1803), Ann Eliza (1807), Jacob (May 26,
1810 - August 14, 1880), Ann E. (1813) and Julia M. (1818).  Mary died May 28 or 29 or June 3, 1829 and John passed away
March 20, 1859. John and Mary are buried in the Hardenburgh burying ground in Bloomington. (See
John Blanshan page)

Malletje Blanshan - baptized December 20, 1789.

Rachel Blanshan - baptized July 15, 1792 under sponsors Boudewyn Terpenning, and Rachel Terwilliger.