Amy also remembers vividly the ride to the hospital in the family station wagon. It was very
traumatic for her.  At the hospital, Davie's heart failed when they administered general
anesthesia and he aspirated some of his stomach contents into his lungs.
His death was a terrible shock to the family.  They received many cards and letters from all
over, even from people they didn't know.  
Davie is buried in Minneopa Cemetery near Mankato, Minnesota.  
David Warren Blanshan (Davie) was born early Easter Sunday morning on April 17, 1960.  At the
time he had four sisters and only one brother, so Bob and June were happy to have a little boy. It
wasn't long, however, before they noticed that he was a very special little boy.  The doctor told
them that he had Down Syndrome.  
He progressed quite well at first.  He smiled at 9 weeks, noticed his hand at 10 weeks, could hold
his head up at one month, and at 2 months he raised himself up on his elbows and lifted his
chest.  At six months he noticed his feet and played with them and put toys in his mouth. He began
sitting alone at 7 months and started walking at 18 months.  He was very limber and could do the
splits front-ways.  Speech was slow, but he was starting to say little sentences at five years old.  He
attended a day care for children with learning disabilities and he got along well there.
Davie had a sunny disposition and loved to sing.  His favorite record was a Mother Goose
Rhyme record.  He learned all the words and would sing right along with it.  Another favorite of
his was a quartet singing gospel songs.  He particularly liked a song called "I'm Redeemed."  
He memorized all the verses to it and tried to sing some of the bass parts.  He could strum
Barbara's guitar while she fingered the chords.
He didn't like to hear anyone argue and if the other kids started to argue he would say 'Stop it!"
If they didn't quit he would start crying.  
He loved to preach his own sermon from his dad's pulpit in church.  
On March 18, 1966 Bob, June and Amy went to visit one of the church families and stayed for
lunch.  After lunch, a dish of scraps was set out on the porch for the dog.  June put Davie's
coat on and told him to go on out to the car.  Amy went out with him.  A short time later they
never mean to animals.  (The dog had previously attacked one of the family's boys when he
ran over the dog's tail with his wagon. He had to have stitches on his head.) Amy never saw
the dog bite him but she remembers the scene afterwards.