1655 - 1692
Not much is known about Mathieu Blanshan. He was born April 18, 1655 in Mannheim, Germany to
Mattheus and  Magdeleine Joire Blanshan. His parents had emigrated to Germany to escape the
persecution of Huguenots in their native France. He married Margrietje Claes Van Schoonhoven,
daughter of Claes Van Schoonhoven  of New Albany (Albany) on March 30, 1679 in Kingston, Ulster
County, New York.   He
supposedly died in Kingston in 1688 or 1692, but that must be in error
because his youngest child was born in 1699.

The children of Mathieu (Mathys Jr.) and Margrietje Claes Van Schoonhoven were:

Mattys Blanshan - baptized in Kingston on November 30, 1679. His sponsors were Matthes
Blanshan Sr., Hendrick Claes and Lysbet Blanshan.

Nicolaus Blanshan -  baptized in Kingston on July 2, 1682 under sponsors Hendric clasz, Willem
Jacobsz, Magdalene Blanshan. He married Maria Hornbeck, baptized February 19, 1688, daughter of
Warnaar Hornbeck and Annetje deHooges. He died in 1780. (See
Nicolaus Blanshan page)

Cornelia Blanshan - baptized in Kingston on May 3, 1683 or in Hurley on October 7, 1683. She
married Andries LeFevre (baptized in Kingston on May 11, 1679), son of Simon LeFevre and
Elizabeth Deyo. They resided in Nescatock. Their children were Simon (1709), Matthew (1710),
Elizabeth, Margaret (1715), Sarah (1717), Marie (1719), Catherine (1721), Magdalene (1724) and
Rachel (1728). (See
Cornelia Blanshan LeFevre page)

Magdalena Blanshan - baptized in Kingston on March 7, 1686 under sponsors Jan Matysz and
Magdalena Blanshan. She married Samuel Bevier, born January 21, 1680, son of Louis Bevier and
Marie LeBlanc Bevier, in 1710. Their children were Solomon (1711), Matthew (1712), Abraham
(1713), Isaac (1714), Jacobus (1716), Margaret (1717), Maria (1718), Louis S. (1720), Esther (1721),
Johannes (1722) and Philip (1724). (See
Magdalena Blanshan Bevier page)

Catheryne Blanshan - born in Hurley and baptized in Kingston on March 7, 1686 under sponsors
Jan  Jooste, Catherine Blanshan and Sara Du Bois. On November 20, 1712 she married Jean
LeFevre, baptized on October 28, 1685, son of Simon LeFevre and Elizabeth Deyo. Jean died May
27, 1744. (See
Catheryne Blanshan LeFevre page)

Elizabeth Blanshan Cantine  - baptized January 28, 1692 under sponsors Jan Fokken and Elizabeth
Blanshan. She married Peter Cantine, baptized May 21, 1693 in New Paltz, on June 16, 1715.  They
had 12 children. (See
Elizabeth Blanshan Cantine page)

Nathaniel Blanshan - born in Ulster County, New York and baptized on November 19, 1694 under
sponsors Roelof Swartwoudt and Francyntje Albade.

Margriet Blanshan - baptized in Kingston on October 29, 1699 under sponsors Thomas Van
Steenberg and Marytje Metselaers.

Mathieu's wife Margrietje Van Schoonhoven figured prominently in a divorce scandal of her day in
Kingston involving her brother and his first wife.

" Hendrick Claessen Van Schoonhoven (Claes Hendrickse, Hendrich Van Schoonhoven) was bp.
May 5, 1652 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Fort Orange, Orange, New York, and died aft.
December 4, 1715 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Carpenter. He and Cornelia are buried in
the Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston, the same place his parents are buried. He married July 6,
1679 (1) Debora Christoffels Davids bp. Jan 25,1665 Kingston, NY, d Dec 4, 1715 Kingston, NY
daughter of Christoffel "Kit" Davids, born in 1615 or 1616 in England, woodsman, Indian interpreter
and whiskey trader and Maria Martens/Maria Martensen, b.abt 1633 in Ulster, New York. Divorce
Filing Oct 17,1687 in Kingston, Ulster County, NY Hendrick married January 1, 1688 (2) Cornelia
Swartwout b. March 13,1667 d. July 7, 1714 in Kingston Church, New York, daughter of (Sheriff)
Roeloff Swartwout and Eva Bradt. In 1715, Hendrick registered banns: "HENDRIK KLAASZ
THEUNIS KOOL, born in Kingstown. Banns registered, 4 Dec. 'Withdrawn the same day.'"

Debora Davids was a little over 14 when she married Hendrick who was 27. Despite 8 years of
marriage, they produced no children. When she was twenty she had an affair with Peg Leg Perrick or
Dirck Adrians Van Vliet.*

*Here follows a note by Don Green on research done by Tony Schoonover:

Circumstantial evidence points to Dirck Van Vliet as the elusive Dirrick "Wootin Legg." Our reasons
for this conclusion are as follows. (1) His first name was Dirrick (Dirck is another form of the given
name). (2) Dirck Van Vliet had one leg. A brother-in-law, Gysbert Krom accidentally shot off Dirck's
left leg at a New Year's Eve Party in 1678. A wooden or "peg" leg was the usual artificial limb for the
time. (3) We believe that "wooden leg" is not a proper Dutch surname. As we understand it, Dutch
surnames at this time were usually derived from the father's given name (the English influence
changed that custom to a single surname running from parent to child, etc.) Wooden leg, therefore,
was a kind of nickname, possibly a cruel pejorative nickname. (4) In her affadavit, cited above,
Debora states that Dirck would not marry her, but instead, he married another. This would have
occurred either before or soon after birth of the child. In 1685, the year in which Niclaas was born,
Dirck Van Vliet married Anne Andriesen (baptised 1662), daughter of Andries and Hilletje Hendricks
Barentsen. (5) The families of both Dirck and Debora lived in the village of Kingston, and obviously
knew one another. The Van Vliet family arrived in New Netherlands on the ship, "Trouw," on 13 June,
1662, and settled at Kingston. Dirck died there in 1702. Over the years the Van Vliet, Schoonover,
Krom and Davids (Davis) families intermarried. Later, Debora's grand-daughter, Rebekka, married a
Krom who was the grand-son of Dirck Van Vliet. See Van Vliet, Krom, Davids and Schoonover
Families in Ulster County, New York Ancestors & Descendants by Lorraine Luke at id (This web link
no longer exists. Lorraine Luke's new website is: My Families of Early Ulster County, New York m )

Book AA, page 66 in the office of the County Clerk of Ulster County, New York, records a complaint of
Hendick Claes Schoonover against Debora Christoffels David before the Justice of the Peace 17 Oct
1687. Debora admitted that Hendirck was not the father of her first child and that the father was
Derrick Wootin Legg.

" A complaint of Hendrick Claes (Van Schoonhoven) against his wife,Debora, maid before Capt.
Henry Beeckman, Justice of the Peace ye 17 Oct in Kingston 1687."

" -----is yt (that); ye sd [stated] Hendrick Claes comes in his own person and saith yt his wife hath
declared yt shee is a ----- and therefore ye said Hendrick Claes by ye reason yt shee is a -----."

" Jurian tunis, brother-in-law of Debora Davis, being sworn testyfieth he was by and heard ye wife of
Hendrick Claes say it; she wold bee from his husband and then hir husband said to her --- yt if shee
wold carray hir selfa as an onest wooman he would take hir and live with hir as a man and wife
ought to doe and furdr saith nott."

" William Demyr being sworne testefyeth yt he heard Debora say yt; shee wold nott live with her
husband noo longer ye reason was asked hir and she declared yt shee was nott worthey to live with
him and yet ye foalt was not in him butt in hir and yet Dirrick Wooden Legg mislead her."

"Ye wife of Matthis Blanshan [nee Margriete Schoonover & sister of Hendrick] reported these
following words of which Debora had declared to hir, Dirrick Wooden Legg is the father of hir child
and when she was with child Dirrick Wooden Legg was going to be married she went to him and
said yt as he had taken away hir repation hee should give it to hir again whereupon he gave hir bad
words -------- Hendrick Claes did severall times promis to forgive hir all her fformer ffalts in caes
shee wold promise yet shee wold live with him hereafter as an onest woman shold doe with hir
husband where upon she said:yet shee noever did love him and connot love him and ffurder sath

Hendrick made a will soon after he married Cornelia and before any of his legitmate children were
born. He gave Debora's son "an English Schillling." From research of Patty B. Myers:

Will dated November 12th, 1688

I Acknollig [acknowledge] before ye After mentioned witnesses that Cornelia Swartwout my Espoued
[espoused] and truly belouwed [beloved] Brid [bride] is and schal bee [shall be] And Remain the Only
herris [heir] of my whole Estaet And if it Schold [should] please God to giueue [give] Childeren to her
and that she after my Death Shold Com to remarry than Schall ye hallif [half] of ye Estaet Remaen
inviolable to ye Children that hauf [have] been procreated and Agriment Alder bout ouer [agrement
?other about our] Children Schall Equilly inherit as well sons as Doghters only ye Eldest son Schall
haufe [have] an Engelish Schilling And furdher to hinder And Scham All manner of troubbel that
might Arrise by ye same So Schall be Give unto the Recerdit [recorded] Basterd Child named Claes
whoes modder is called Debora an English Schilling. And to hold this my matrimony, Condisyon
[condition] and Last will and testament, as by this written, I dissanull and revoke all manner of wills
and testaments and swere before ye Leving [loving] And Almeighty God that I schall neuer [never]
fforsack nor Lefe [leave] Cornelia Swartwout my betroued bryd untill ye End of my death.

Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Thomas Garton (Justice of ye Pease), Mattis Clarkson, and
Jan Ward. (Gustave Anjou, Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records, Vol. I, p. 49, originally published in
New York by Gustave Anjou 1906, reprinted by Palatine Transcripts, Arthur C. M. Kelly, Rhinebeck, NY
12572, 1980.)

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