1640 - 1679
Headstone of Louis and Catherine Blanshan DuBois in the Huguenot or Walloon Cemetery in New Paltz.
They are buried in the Kingston churchyard, not here. The dates do not correspond with historical records.
Maria Blanshan was born to Mathieu Blanshan and Magdeleine Joire Blanshan in Armentiers in 1640. She
married Antoine Crispell, a farmer born in Sanghin-en-Weppes in 1635, in Mannheim on January 31, 1660.
Maria and Antoine sailed to America aboard the Gilded Otter, arriving on April 27, 1660.  Maria and Antoine
were patentees of New Paltz.  Maria died in Hurley in 1679 and Antoine married Petronella DuMond (DeMon)
around 1680.

Maria and Antoine had the following children:

Maria Magdalene Crispell - baptized February 12, 1662 in Kingston under sponsors Mattys , Catryna and
Maddeleen Blanshan.  Maria married Mattys C. Sleght, son of Cornelis Barentsen Sleght and Tryntje Tysen
Bos, before 1681.

Pieter Crispell - baptized December 21, 1664 under sponsors Hendrick Arentsen and Barber Jens. He
married Neeltje Gerritsen Newkirk, daughter of Gerrit Cornelissen Van Niewkirk and Hendrickje Paulus,
around 1689. Neeltje was born in Hurley and died after 1727. Pieter died in 1696.

Lysbet Crispell - baptized in Kingston on October 3, 1666 under sponsors Jan Cornelissen and Lsybet
Blanchan. She died young.

Lysbet Crispell - baptized October 15, 1668. She married Elias Ean, born in France. Elias died in 1722 and
his remains were brought from the Bonticou and reinterred in the Walloon or Huguenot Cemetery in New
Paltz in November of 1988.

Sarah Crispell - baptized June 18, 1671 in Kingston. Her sponsors were Captain Thomas Chambers, sheriff
Graveset and his wife, and Geertje Janse, wife of Dirck Foochen. Sarah married Huybert Suylandt of Hurley
before 1692.

Jan Crispell - baptized on July 21, 1674 under sponsors Mattue Blasjon Jr. and Maria Blasjon (Blanshan). He
married Geertje Jans Roosa on May 25, 1701 in Kingston. Geertje was the daughter of Jan Roosa and
Hillegond Willemse Van Buren,  born in Hurley but baptized in Kingston on January 17, 1683.
Headstone of Antoine and Maria Crispell in the Walloon (Huguenot) Cemetery in New Paltz, New
York. They are buried in a Kingston church yard, however. Photo courtesy of Fred Saar.
Plaque honoring Elias Ean and Lysbet Crispell Ean in the
Walloon (Huguenot) Cemetery in New Paltz.
Walloon Cemetery in New Paltz
Elias Ean headstone