Magdalena Blanshan was born to parents Mathieu and Margrietje Van Schoonhoven
Blanshan. She was baptized in Kingston, New York on March 7, 1686 under the
sponsorship of Jan Matysz and Magdalene Blanshan. In 1710 she married Samuel
Bevier, son of Louis Bevier and Marie LeBlanc, born January 21, 1680. Samuel died
between 1755 and 1759.

Magdalena and Samuel had the following children:

Solomon Bevier - baptized May 13, 1711 under the sponsorship of Jan Bevier and Ester
Bevier. He died young.

Matthew Bevier - baptized June 29, 1712 under the sponsorship of Matthew Blanshan
and Elisabet Blanshan. He was a member of the New Paltz Militia in 1738. He died
some time between 1746 and 1750.

Abraham Bevier - baptized in Kingston on June 14, 1713 under the sponsorship of
Abraham Bevier and Rachel Vernooy. He married Margaret Elting, daughter of Roelif
Elting and Sara Du Bois Elting, baptized May 18, 1718. Their children were Magdalena
"Lena" Bevier (1742-1797), Sarah Bevier (1744-1802), Solomon Bevier (1748-1810),
Jacomyntje Jemima Vebier (1750-1804), Kathrintje Bevier (1750-1825), and Roelof
Elting Bevier (1753-1763). Abraham died in 1771.

Ysaac Bevier - baptized December 25, 1714 under the sponsorship of Andries LeFevre
and Cornelia Blanshan LeFevre.  In 1751 Ysaac married Elizabeth Bevier, daughter of
Jean and Catherine Montanye Bevier, baptized February 10, 1717. Ysaac was a
member of the New Paltz Militia in 1738 under Captain Hoffman. He was also a signer
of the Articles of Association. Elizabeth died in Fantinekill on May 4, 1779.

Jacobus Bevier -baptized on April 29, 1716 under the sponsorship of Abraham Louis
and Jannetjen Lesier. In 1740 he married Antjen Freer, daughter of Jacob and Antje
VanWeyen Freer, baptized April 2, 1721. Jacobus died in 1774.

Margrietje Bevier - baptized June 30, 1717 under the sponsorship of Nicolaus
Blanshan, Marytjen Hoorenbeck (Hornbeck) and Mary Madelen Krypel (Crispell).  On
June 7, 1737 Margreitje married her first cousin Matthew LeFevre, son of Andries
LeFevre and Cornelia Blanshan,born April 10, 1710.

Maria Bevier - baptized October 5, 1718 under the sponsorship of Nicholas
Schoenjoven and Jefjen Schoonhoven. In 1742 she married Abraham LeFevre, son of
Andries LeFevre and Catherine Blanshan, baptized March 25, 1716. They resided in
Wawarsing. Maria died March 3, 1795 and Abraham died January 3, 1792.

Louis S. Bevier - baptized in Rochester on January 10, 1720 or January 12. He was a
member of the New Paltz Militia. He died some time after 1750.

Esther Bevier - born January 18, 1721 and baptized in Shawangunk on June 18, 1721.
She married  Cornelius Brink of Shawangunk. She joined the New Paltz church in 1751.

Johannes Bevier - baptized September 9, 1722 under the sponsorship of Jan LeFevre
and Catryntje Blanshan. On September 2, 1749, Johannes married his first cousin
Magdalene LeFevre, daughter of Andries LeFevre and Cornelia Blanshan LeFevre,
baptized October 11, 1724. Johannes died October 27, 1795.

Phillipus Bevier - baptized February 9, 1724 under the sponsorship of Phillipus Viele
and Antje Louw. He married Tryntje Louw on July 10, 1748. Phillipus died some time
before 1765.
This stone house is one of the oldest houses on Huguenot Street in
New Paltz. The house began as the tiny home of Louis and Maria Bevier.
Louis' son Samuel andhis wife Magdalena inherited the house in 1720
and enlarged it. The house was later rented from the Beviers by the
Elting family, then purchased by Josiah Elting, son of Roelof Elting and
Sara Du Bois in 1760.
The front room of the Bevier-Elting home