Leonin Blanchamp born about 1580 in France, married Isabelle LeRoy about 1600
in France.  He died before 1649.
Mattheus Blanshan  Mattheus, born in 1606, is the  immigrant ancestor (at least as
far as is known) of all of the Blanshans in America. He was born in the former
province of Artois, France and baptised in the village of Neuville-au-Cornet in Artois.  
He married Magdeleine Joire (born October 27, 1611)  from Armentieres on
October 15, 1633.  Magdeleine was the daughter of Petrus (Pierre) Joire and
Jacoba Le Blanc or Le Blan.  Magdeleine was baptised Catholic, but Mattheus was
a Huguenot.  Some time before 1647, Mattheus and Magdeleine moved to
England.  By 1651 they were in Mannheim, in what is now Germany, probably
persuaded to go there by the new tax laws and provisions made to induce
Huguenot merchants and manufacturers to help rebuild that territory.  In 1660,
Mattheus and Magdeleine Blanshan came to America on the "Gilded Otter," arriving
in New Amsterdam (New York City) April 26 with their three children, Magdalena,
Elizabeth and Matthew, ages 12, 9, and 5.  
Mathieu Blanshan  Born April 18, 1655 in Mannheim, Germany.  He married
Margrietje Claes Van Schoonhoven on March 30, 1679 in Kingston, Ulster County,
New York.   He died in Kingston in 1692.
Nicolaus Blanshan was born July 2, 1682.  He married Maria Hornbeck, daughter of
Warnaar Hoornbeck and Anna De Hooges on Jun 10, 1710.
Matheus Blanshan  was born June 10, 1716, and baptised on September 28, 1718
in Kingston, Ulster County, New York.  He married Annatjen Freer on March 17,
Jacob Blanshan was baptised January 11, 1747 at Kingston, New York.  He
married Jacomyntie Smedes on June 17, 1768.
Mattheus Jacob Blanshan was baptised April 3, 1774 in Ulster County, New York.  
He married Anny Turck, birth date unknown, in Kingston, New York
Jacob Smedes Blanshan  was born May 11, 1814, in New Paltz, Ulster County, New
York.  He was baptised June 25, 1814.  He came to Wisconsin in October, 1847,
only a year after the first white settlers.  He had to follow a blazed trail to locate the
eighty acres which he had taken up. He married Anna Mariah (known as Maria)
Travice (or Travis) on November 3, 1839.  Anna  was born September, 1820 in New
York, and she died January 29, 1902 at age 81.  Jacob died August 15, 1893 at age
79. Both are buried in Junction Cemetery, Grand Junction Township, Greene
County, Iowa
Mathew J. Blanshan was born January 14, 1847.  He married Ada Della Anderson,
born August 18, 1862 in Dodge County, Wisconsin to Albert and Clymena Tubbs
Anderson.  Matthew died January 4, 1929 in Paton, Greene County, Iowa at age 81.  
He is buried in Junction Township Cemetery, Grand Junction Township, Greene
County, Iowa
Chester Ralph Blanshan was born September 5, 1880 in Greene County, Iowa.  He
married Alvina (Belle) Buck.
Ralph J. Blanshan  was born August 1, 1904.  He married Edith (Fern) Pearson.  
He died August 27, 1987 and is buried with Fern in Minneopa Cemetery in Mankato,
Minnesota. Their children were Donna, Robert, Jim, Harvey, Garry, Albert, and
Robert Chester Blanshan was born February 4, 1926 in Mankato, Minnesota.  He
married June Esther Colebank, born January 29, 1926 in Fertile, Minnesota, on
August 20, 1947 in Madelia, Minnesota.  June's parents were Lester and Linda
Mathew J. and Ada Blanshan and family
(Chester and Belle are the couple on the far
(Anna) Maria, wife of Jacob
Smedes Blanshan
Ada Blanshan's parents, Albert &
Clymena Anderson
Frank Pearson (father of Charles Pearson)
and second wife Orilla
Rosetta Barr and daughter Flora Pearl,
mother of (Edith) Fern
Chester and Belle (Alvina)
Buck Blanshan
Alzora Richardson Buck, mother
of Belle (Alvina)
Pearl (Fern's mother) and
her brothers
Slim (Ralph J.) Blanshan, (top
left)  his parents Chester and
Belle and his siblings
Slim and Fern
Slim and Fern Blanshan and family
Back row, L to R:  Robert, Donna, Jim
Middle Row: Garry, Harvey
Front: Fern, Sandy, Slim, Albert
The Ralph and Fern Blanshan family
Back row:  Bob, Jim, Harvey, Garry, Albert
Front row:  Donna, Fern, Ralph, Sandy
Year unknown
Gravestone of Maria (Anna Mariah),
wife of Jacob Smedes Blanshan.  She
died January 29, 1902 and is buried
by her husband.
Gravestone of Jacob Smedes
Blanshan, born 1814.  He is buried
in Junction Cemetery, Grand
Junction Township, Greene County,
Charles and Flora 'Pearl' Barr Pearson
Wilson, parents of Fern Pearson
Fern Pearson Blanshan
Belle (Buck)and Chester Blanshan
on their 50th wedding anniversary