1692 - ______
Elizabeth Blanshan was born to Mathieu and Margrietje Van Schoonhoven
Blanshan. She was baptized on January 28, 1692 under the sponsorship of Jan
Fokken and Elizabeth Blanshan. On June 16, 1715 she married Peter Cantine, son
of Moses (1651-1744) and Elizabeth Deyo Cantine, baptized May 21, 1693.  Peter
was one of the trustees of the town of Kingston from 1720 to 1726, and he also held
several other public offices. After 1728 he moved from Kingston to Marbletown,
where he was one of the trustees from 1750 to 1761. He also became a large
landowner, purchasing at one time a tract from Claes van Schoonhoven, and
receiving through his wife a large tract on both sides of the Esopus creek. Peter
died in Marbletown on October 25, 1769.

The children of Elizabeth Blanshan and Peter Cantine were:

Elizabeth Cantine - baptized January 29, 1716 under the sponsorship of Mattys Jr.
and Antje Van Patten. She died young.

Moses Cantine - born December 6, 1716 and baptized in Kingstone on January 13,
1717 under the sponsorship of Moses Cantine and Marytjen Du Bois. He married
Maria Sleight on December 1, 1739. He ran the ferry to Kingston. He and Maria had
no children.

Margarietje Cantine - baptized July 23, 1718 under the sponsorship of Matthys
Blanshan and Antje Van Patten.

Elizabeth Cantine - born February 1, 1720 and baptized on February 21, 1720 under
the sponsorship of Philip Vielen and Antje Louw. On March 8, 1746 she married
William Nottingham, baptized on February 3, 1723. Elizabeth died in Marbletown in
1751 and William died in Marbletown on September 21, 1789.

Matthew Cantine - born September 10, 1721 and baptized on October 15, 1721
under the sponsorship of Mattys Blanshan and Catalyntje Lesier. On December 9,
1744 he married Katrina Nottingham, daughter of William Nottingham and Margaret
Rutsen, born in Marbletown on December 24, 1719. Matthew died on September
21, 1789 and Katrina died July 19, 1779.

Maria Cantine - born December 23, 1722 and baptized January 27, 1723 under the
sponsorship of Abraham Louw and Jannetje Lesier. She married Hendricus

Nathaniel Cantine - born October 10, 1724 and baptized October 25,1724 under the
sponsorship of Stephains Du Bois and Mielly Jansz. On November 30, 1750, he
married Gertrude Delamater, daughter of Martin Delamater and Elizabeth
Notthingham of Marbletown. Gertrude was baptized September 21, 1729. After
Gertrude died, Nathaniel married Sara Rutsen of Hurley on January 20, 1757. When
Sara died he married Dorothy Newkirk on July 24, 1769.  Nathaniel died in
Marbletown on July 4, 1815.

Cathrina Cantine - born March 13, 1726 and baptized in Kingston on March 20, 1726
under the sponsorship of Jan Chroek and Catrina Jansz. On March 1, 1751 she
married Daniel LeFevre, son of Isaac LeFevre and Maria Freer, born November 8,
1725 and baptized in New Paltz on December 12, 1725. Cathrina died February 28,
1799 and Daniel died February 10, 1800.

Abraham Cantine - born December 8, 1727 and baptized in Kingston on January 14,
1728 under the sponsorship of Jan Sleght and Elizabeth Smedes. On November
19, 1756 Abraham married Elizabeth Delamater, daughter of Martin Delamater and
Elizabeth Nottingham, born in Marbletown on December 21, 1735. Abraham died in
Marbletown on November 28, 1813 and Elizabeth died in Marbletown on December
21, 1735.

Petrus Cantine - born in Marbletown on December 28, 1729 and baptized on
December 28, 1729 under the sponsorship of Jan Vesin and Annetje Vesin. On
November 14, 1760 Petrus married Magdalene LeFevre, daughter of Matthew
LeFevre and Margaret Bevier, born November 25, 1737 and baptized in Kingston on
December 25, 1737. Petrus died in Wawarsing on November 28, 1729, and
Magdalene died December 18 1813.

Cornelia Cantine - born March 20, 1732 and baptized in Kingston on April 2, 1732
under the sponsorship of Jochem Jansz and Jannetje Delamater. On December 5,
1767, Cornelia married Petrus Sleght. Cornelia died in April of 1789.

Johannes Cantine - born October 20, 1735 and baptized November 16, 1735 under
the sponsorship of Mattys Blanshan. On October 28, 1761 in Marbletown, Johannes
married Mary Brodhead, daughter of Wessel Brodhead, born 1735. Johannes died
in Caroline, New York on April 30, 1808. Mary died October 23, 1791.